Teslagrad Available Now for Xbox One with 10 Extra Challenge Levels

At its core, Teslagrad is about simple things: The contrast of darkness and radiant colors, a story told through the gameplay itself, and the joy of playing with magnets.

When we originally created Teslagrad, there were some truly fun and exciting levels and concepts that we simply had to cut. Though they felt amazingly satisfying for the players that could handle them, testing showed us that many people found the puzzles and execution too hard. We did not want to keep them from enjoying the game we had created, so mercilessly these levels were cut.

The Xbox One release gave us the opportunity to bring back these lost darlings. We dressed them up with a new coat of paint from our Art Director, Olli, and created a challenge mode that becomes available after you clear the regular game. Now, new and old players have an opportunity to truly challenge themselves and play on the very edge of what magnetic forces can do!

Teslagrad is available now for Xbox One, so pick it up today!