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Building an Unbeatable Fighter in EA Sports UFC 2

A casual observer might take a look at the cover of EA Sports UFC 2, see Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor – both of whom lost their most recent fights – and be a bit bewildered.

UFC devotees know better. After all, the element of surprise is one aspect of the sport that’s helped it grow at an astonishing rate over the past decade. A fight can end anywhere, anytime – whether it’s a devastating haymaker to the jaw or an excruciatingly painful Kimura lock in the center of the Octagon.

That means UFC fans know that Rousey and McGregor could easily be back at the top of the mixed martial arts scene later this year – the sport can change that quickly. EA Sports UFC 2 is all about incorporating those sudden moments of impact, starting with perhaps the most important MMA element of all: the knockout.

Dynamic New Offense and Defense

When McGregor shocked the world with his 13-second knockout of Jose Aldo to unify the UFC Featherweight Championship back in mid-December, some called it a fluke. On the contrary, though, it was exactly as nature intended. Aldo sported a sparkling resume, and at the time of the match, he hadn’t lost in more than 10 years. But when McGregor cocked his fist to deliver a blistering left hook, the outcome of the fight had already been determined – by physics.

Simply put, the force of McGregor’s punch, and the angle and movement of Aldo, combined to deliver an absolutely shattering blow that crumpled the immensely talented Brazilian to the canvas in a heap. After the fight, the braggadocious Irishman leaped atop the Octagon and paid homage to his own skills in an impressive display of swagger, but he actually had Newton’s laws of physics to thank for his lightning-quick victory.

EA Sports UFC 2 takes all of this into account with its new Knockout Physics System. This time around, it’s not just about the power of the punch. Now, it’s about combining that raw force with the fluid movement and momentum of the fighters – and, thankfully, the game does all the complex calculations for you! Why did Aldo go down so suddenly back in December? He walked right into McGregor’s hook – and EA Sports UFC 2 will certainly punish any fighter foolish enough to let his guard down in a similar fashion. Fight fans know that every knockout is different (they certainly never saw McGregor’s KO coming), and now they’ll get the chance to give the end of each fight the unique finish it deserves.

Of course, there’s one surefire way to avoid a knockout – and that’s to avoid getting hit in the first place. Head movement is especially key, and EA Sports UFC 2 offers full 360-degree movement to protect your noggin from incoming blows. Meanwhile, successfully protecting your upper and lower body is the path to opening up a counterattack, and the game allows for complete high and low blocking to more easily defend the area your opponent’s targeting. In turn, this allows for more relevant counterattacks once you’ve fended off a furious flourish from your rival.

Wrap Up Your Opponent – and Make ’Em Tap!

Grappling is at the heart of any UFC encounter. In EA Sports UFC 2. However, it’s no longer about each player taking their turn on offense and defense – now, both fighters can attempt moves at the same time, making for more dynamic contests that can flip in an instant.

If you feel intimidated about taking the fight to the mat, EA Sports UFC 2 offers a useful grapple-assist HUD that shows you precisely what moves are available, meaning that you won’t be at a loss when you’ve got your opponent wrapped up. This will gradually train you up so that, over time, attacks and counterattacks will become second nature, and you can get your opponents into a prone position without a second thought – and proceed to pummel them into oblivion.

And on that note, EA Sports UFC 2 doesn’t skimp when it comes to one of the major reasons we all watch the sport: the submissions. There’s nothing quite like seeing a fighter trapped in the middle of the Octagon, battling against all odds against a brutally painful hold that would snap a normal person’s arm. Will he tap? Can he somehow pull off a counter? EA Sports UFC 2 delivers all of that same drama, particularly with the new element of submissions from the clinch. This means you don’t have to perform a takedown to get your foe in a submission move – instead, you can theoretically end the fight as soon as you’ve got your hands around an opponent.

A Career for Everyone

A major element that sets UFC apart from other combat competitions is that many is that women often draw equal – or even greater – attention than the guys. And with good reason, given that unbelievably charismatic stars like Rousey, Holly Holm, and Miesha Tate are involved. And now, you can build the unbeatable female fighter and take her into Career Mode for the first time.

EA Sports UFC 2’s new training camp system enhances the career experience, making for a more realistic path from the gym to fight night. Training for a UFC bout might well be the toughest sporting endeavor on the planet, as CM Punk found out first-hand (and, yes, wrestling fans, the former WWE superstar is in the game, even though we’re all still waiting for his debut in the Octagon after his unfortunate training injury). While he’s an outstanding athlete, he’s discovered that preparing for a UFC bout is a challenge like no other.

The other big addition is what EA calls “career-defining moments” – appropriate, given the fact that cover boy Conor McGregor became a household name overnight with a single punch. UFC is all about building up to the big showdowns and that single moment where a fighter sinks or swims, and Career Mode now mirrors that progression in a big way.

The Baddest Man on the Planet

As you can see, developer EA Canada has gone all-out to make sure this is no simple roster update, but every spectacular fight card needs its special surprise guest. EA Sports UFC 2 delivers on that front with one of the most legendary champs of any sport: Mike Tyson.

Longtime gamers know this is hardly his first video game appearance, but this one’s a real treat. How would “Iron Mike” have fared in the Octagon? We’ll never know for sure, but EA Sports UFC 2 lets you match him up against some of the biggest names in MMA history, including Bas Rutten, Jon Jones, and Frank Mir. Could Tyson’s pure punching power have overcome some of MMA’s greatest submission masters?

Find out for yourself: Grab your copy of EA Sports UFC 2 today, and enter the Octagon!