Sheltered Graduates from the Xbox Game Preview Program

Back in August 2015, our post-apocalyptic survival game Sheltered entered the Xbox One Game Preview program. Since then, we’ve really seen the game take shape and grow with the help of all your amazing feedback.

It’s been a huge experience for myself and fellow co-founder Dean Foster. For those who may not know, Unicube is a small, two-man development studio – and Sheltered is our debut game! Prior to co-founding Unicube, we’d done some stints at University and within retail, but we’ve spent the past year incubated within Team17’s development studio. It’s there that we’ve been able to realise our game development dream, and we hope that you’ll share it with us by checking out Sheltered!

At its core, Sheltered is a post-apocalyptic survival game. You start the game as an average-sized family: two adults, two children and a trusty family pet. However you customise your family is completely up to you, and there’s a lot of freedom available. As you start the game, you’ll arrive at a basic shelter – which you can expand, upgrade, and customize as you like, provided that you have the right supplies. You can scavenge for said supplies in the wasteland, where you may also encounter quests, factions, and savage wildlife.

Today, Sheltered graduates from the Game Preview program, and we’re adding in a great update with our launch content. This includes a revamped tutorial, achievements, Italian and Brazilian-Portuguese localization, plus lot of balancing tweaks and bug fixes. But the really exciting new addition for launch is the expansion of the “Family Ties” quest into the “Extended Family” quest – which enables players to move to a new, bigger shelter. This option opens up at around day 100, and gives veteran players a new challenge to conquer.

We’d really like to thank you for joining us on this journey, and we can’t wait to hear your tales of wasteland survival. Sheltered is out now for Xbox One!