Organic Panic Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Organic Panic
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Game Description: Organic Panic is a super-kooky platformer with totally destructible environments and dynamic fluids. The incredible physics uses the ‘DAFT Engine’ (Destructible And Fluid Technology) making for unique and diverse gameplay: wood floats and burns, lightning conducts, ice is slippery and melts, water douses fire, rubber is bouncy, acid disintegrates… Master the 4 elementally powered heroes and swap between them to overcome Baby Cheese’s evil technological empire. Smash through earth, create and turn into water, control gravity, and set it all on fire as you battle and puzzle your way through over 200 Single Player, Coop, and Versus levels.

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Product Info:
Developer: Last Limb
Publisher: Last Limb
Website: Organic Panic
Twitter: @OrganicPanic1