The Park Side image

ID@Xbox Creator Spotlight: Face Your Fears in Funcom’s The Park

The Park was made by the team at Funcom’s Oslo office. It is a first-person single-player psychological horror experience set in the universe of The Secret World, our modern-day massively multiplayer online game of myths and legends.

In The Park, we wanted to explore in detail the creepy Atlantic Island Park, an abandoned amusement park on an island off the coast of Maine, and tell the interesting and in-depth story about Lorraine and her missing son Callum.

While The Park started off as a test project, everyone enjoyed the game and story so much that we wanted to finish it and share it with horror fans all around the world. It is our first game using the Unreal Engine and the project gave us great experience for the future.

We love telling unique stories at Funcom and we invite you to enjoy them with us. Enjoy The Park on Xbox One today!