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Play for Free in Week 2 of the ID@Xbox Game Fest

It’s week 2 of the ID@Xbox Game Fest, which runs throughout the month of May and is designed to show off some of the coolest Xbox One games from our ID@Xbox independent developer program. Each week, we’re highlighting a new batch of very special games that coincide with some very cool themes that we’ve chosen. For this week, which runs from May 10-17, we’re featuring some of the best games from our family of independent developers that you can play for free… right now!

One of the premiere free-to-play experiences around is Hi-Rez Studios’ Smite – the online battleground of the gods. Players choose from a diverse cast of deities and use their unique powers to triumph over the opposition in five-on-five team matches, in a new take on the multiplayer online battleground arena (or MOBA) genre. In Smite, rather than having you observe from above the action, the third-person perspective puts you right into the thick of combat. And if you really dig it, pick up the Ultimate God Pack Bundle, and get access to all present and future gods.

If shooters are more your speed, check out Digital Extremes’ Warframe, where you’ll take control of the ancient Tenno, warriors of blade and gun… and masters of the titular Waframe Armor. The remaining Tenno that survived the old war were left drifting among the ruins, and now, they’re needed once more to battle the Grineer, whose vast armies are spreading throughout the solar system. Join the war… for free!

Stainless Games and Wizards of the Coast bring Magic: The Gathering to the digital world in Magic: Duels, the latest digital adaptation of the world’s most popular collectible card game. Summon mythical creatures. Cast legendary spells. Match wits with your opponent, and emerge victorious in epic online duels. With hundreds of earnable cards and countless strategies, building your deck and challenging your friends has never been more fun. Experience some of Magic’s most iconic moments in Story Mode, head to Battle Mode to take on your friends, or grab a partner for a four-player Two-Headed Giant battle. More cards (,ore than 300!), more strategy, and bigger story are the name of the game in Magic: Duels.

And in the self-titled Roblox, all the games are created by gamers like you! Play solo or with friends in a variety of indie games exclusive to Roblox. Whether you’re into strategy game, platformers, role-playing games, tycoon sims, shooters, or even survival games, there’s something here for you. And of course, Roblox is free to play, although you can buy Robux (the game’s virtual currency) to upgrade the look of your Roblox avatar, or to get optional in-game power-ups. Try the 10,000 Robux pack – it’s a great value!

Next up, we have Toylogic’s Happy Wars, a large-scale online multiplayer action game for up to 16 players per match. Go wild in over-the-top melees, in a fantasy setting that features some very comical characters. You can assign any of the six unique character classes to your player character, personalize it by adding customization parts from a wide variety of choices, and engage in heated sieges – casting spells in grand magical battles, with players all over the world.

To round things out, we’ve got a couple of fantastic virtual pinball titles. First up is Zen Studios’ Pinball FX2 platform, featuring tables based on the biggest names in pop culture.   The fantasy-themed Sorcerer’s Lair table is available for free play for all players, and Pinball FX2’s expansive table library includes Star Wars Pinball, Marvel Pinball, Plants vs. Zombies Pinball. Plus, it features a great collection of original designs from the pinball wizards at Zen Studios. New tables are added all the time!

Finally, FarSight Studios’ Pinball Arcade is the most realistic and comprehensive pinball game ever created – with regular monthly updates that feature classic tables like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Twilight Zone, Medieval Madness, Funhouse, Attack from Mars, Big Shot, and many others. Online tournaments and additional modes give you plenty of ways to challenge yourself and compete against your friends.

We hope that you’ll check out some of these classics-in-the-making from our many independent development partners. And head back here on Tuesday, May 17 for ID@Xbox Game Fest’s third week, where you can help to shape the next wave of awesome upcoming games.