Costa Rica’s Green Lava Studios Brings Fenix Furia to Xbox One on June 8

On January 1st, 2013, a three-man team started a project named Project Phoenix. Little did they know, this project would be one of the longest journeys for the Costa Rican development team, Green Lava Studios. For our team, those 3 years, 5 months and 7 days were totally worth it, as our dream of bringing a video game on a major video game console is nearly here.

Project Phoenix soon evolved into Fenix Rage, making its debut on PC in 2014. After the launch, the team took upon the task of reviewing and analyzing every Fenix Rage review and YouTube videos out there in order to improve the console version, a task we took very seriously:

  • 25% of the levels were re-designed
  • The soundtrack is longer and better
  • The randomized elements got a huge improvement – they were eliminated!
  • The most difficult levels have been tuned so it never feels you need luck to beat it
  • A new character was born – Undead Fenix!
  • And the most important new feature: Split-Screen Two Player Mode!

We were locked and loaded for QA in 2015 and ready to bring the rage on Xbox One – unfortunately a new obstacle came up in our sights. In 2015, a video game corporation registered the word “rage” in Costa Rica, and after careful consideration of all our legal options, we were forced to change the name of our game.

Fenix Furia Inline image

Coming up with a new game name took a surprising amount of time and, after some thinking and meticulous meditation, Fenix Furia was born. We believe this name captures the powerful dynamics of the new features that this version of the game will have, especially for the new character: Undead Fenix.

So, who is Undead Fenix? He is the pure fury of Fenix, the hidden part of his soul. You can race against Undead in the two player Mode, and challenge your friends in order to decide who will be the fastest of this world!

Developing an indie game in a developing country is not the best scenario for an indie studio, but that makes us feel more proud, especially since we won some great awards like the Gamemaker Game Of The Year Award. It has been a very long journey for us here at Green Lava Studios, but we feel it’s worth it – we brought a game that we feel embodies the indie development spirit that’s incredibly fun and addictive – plus, we have cookie recipes! We are incredibly excited to finally deliver Fenix Furia to the Xbox One players.

Fenix Furia is coming to Xbox One on June 8th and we can’t wait for you to play it!