Titanfall 2 Brings New Titan Classes to the Fight

We’ve got a lot of fond memories of jumping into massive mechs and causing some epic destruction in Titanfall, one of the most popular games to launch on the Xbox One.  If you, like us, have a big, war mech-shaped hole in your heart needing to be filled, then Titanfall 2 couldn’t be coming at a better time.

At E3 2016, EA and Respawn Entertainment showed off some of the new features coming to Titanfall 2, most notably the new Titan classes. Instead of a fully customizable Titan, players can select between six different Titans with their own skills and strengths. Soldiers, too, are split into classes, and finding the right combination of the two can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

At E3, two of the six new Titans were available: the laser-canon-toting Ion and Scorch, who bombards enemies with incendiary rounds – and also packs a nasty flamethrower. They showcase very different play styles and strengths, making Titanfall 2 feel more like a class-based shooter than a traditional FPS with mechs.

Titanfall 2’s new grappling hook is one of our favorite things about the game, allowing players to hook themselves to nearly anything. Latching onto a Titan, climbing atop it, and ripping out a battery is pretty thrilling. A well-timed grapple can even turn an ejecting pilot into a well-placed sniper by zipping them over to an otherwise inaccessible rooftop. Combined with the wall running, the freedom of movement offered is pretty incredible.

While we didn’t get to see it, the promise of a full single-player campaign for Titanfall 2 has us pretty excited. It follows a pilot who is trapped behind enemy lines, and Respawn is working to make the experience feel different from standard FPS story modes.

Fortunately, we don’t have too long to wait to learn more; Titanfall 2 launches on Xbox One and Windows PC on October 28.