Mantis Burn Racing Coming to Xbox One Later this Year

Today is a big day for us at VooFoo Studios. It’s a return to classic top-down arcade racing as Mantis Burn Racing speeds into view. Set to launch later in 2016, Mantis Burn Racing takes what was great about so many arcade racing games of yesteryear and thrusts the heart-pounding and competitive genre into the modern era.

Our fearless leader, Mark Williams, developed Max Rally way back when on the Amiga. Our goal with Mantis Burn Racing is to take that genre of top-down racer into the next generation while maintaining the perspective and uniqueness of that style of game. MBR is where fast-paced bumper-to-bumper racing combines with intuitive, tactile gameplay and stunning visuals in one of the best-looking and immersive top-down racers around.

Drive incredible built-for-racing vehicles across highly detailed, visually stunning tracks in high-risk, high-speed races where winning is everything. Prove your skills in an extensive career mode and take on friends with 4 player local split-screen racing and online modes for up to 8 players in ‘one-more-go’ style competitive racing. With in-depth customization options providing players with deep tactical choices and excellent replayability, this is racing at its rawest and most exciting!

This week, we released Mantis Burn Racing in Early Access on Steam to serve as our sort of beta test, with the full retail launch on Xbox One coming later in 2016. For more info on Mantis Burn Racing, or if you’re curious about VooFoo and our other games, head to the website!

We can’t wait to get you all into Mantis Burn Racing, knocking friends off the track, and leveling up your collection of cars. It’s going to be a wild ride.