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The Secrets to Success in We Happy Few

As many of you are diving into We Happy Few (which is available starting today on the Xbox Game Preview program), you may have realized that this game is a bit different than other survival games.  So, to help you get started, we’re happy to share five tips to help make your stay in Wellington Wells just a little bit easier.

Stock Up

Your life depends on your inventory.  Search carefully and search thoroughly.  If you feel like resources are scarce, you may be missing what is all around you.  For example, if you find that you are always short on food in the Garden District, scavenge for berries in the grassy areas.  Similarly, houses have the potential to contain lots of useful resources, but you have to look inside more than one or two chests, boxes or stoves.

Stay Resourceful

Resources other than water do not renew. Stockpile as much as you can using the safe in your safe house – that weird thing you do not have a use for on day one may become your favorite item on day ten.  Likewise, you can trade Sovereigns (money) for miscellaneous items at the Village shop.

Combat Ready

While combat is entertaining, it costs resources (your weapons will break) and it is… dangerous. If you favor more direct methods of convincing others, you can attack, block and shove your way into creating hairy situations for yourself. If you perform a block at just the right time, it will knock back your opponent, giving you room to breathe.

Safety Through Silence

Stealth can be extremely useful if you understand the mechanics. Crouching reduces the noise you make but may be viewed as suspicious behavior. Keeping context in mind will be your best ally when attempting to be stealthy. Likewise, the view distance of the citizens of Wellington Wells is limited at night, so if you stay out of the cone of their headlamps and keep noise to minimum, you will probably not be spotted.

It’s a Trap!

Finally, traps play a big part in the game, and you will need to find ways to disarm them. You can craft trap disarming tools, or use the environment around you to get out of sticky situations.  And you may even be able to turn these traps to your advantage. Spot the wires running along the walls and floors in the Village to know where traps are located.

Otherwise, good luck!  Don’t be afraid of dying – and best of luck for those of you brave enough to attempt permadeath.