Video For Fight to Survive When #killallzombies Invades Xbox One on August 10

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Fight to Survive When #killallzombies Invades Xbox One on August 10

Create chaos whilst you spectate!  #killallzombies is coming soon to Xbox One. Can you survive the undead Arena?

We are terrified and excited to announce a new top-down shooter with game-changing streaming interactions called #killallzombies, arriving on August 10 on Xbox One.

In a cruel future, #killallzombies thrusts innocent civilians into a sport of survival in which a ravenous zombie horde 1000 strong is unleashed in the name of pure entertainment!

Xbox Live and Twitch spectators can vote upon how many zombies they want to uncage to make staying alive all the more difficult, or trigger perks and pickup drops to help out if they admire your courage and skill.

The 3 varied arenas are comprised of hundreds of hexagon-shaped tiles that can totally change the dynamics of the gameplay by altering the landscape and spawning new obstacles such as dangerously explosive vehicles and barrels full of noxious substances. Without warning, the hexes can also temporarily cave in on themselves to create dangerous traps for the contestants to cautiously navigate or raise from the arena floor to form blockades (that may keep some zombies at bay) or plateaus from which you can rain down destruction on their mindless, putrefying heads.

Social interactivity is a hugely important feature for #killallzombies and we want to maximize this element to deliver the most engaging and fun game in the top-down shooter genre. The main way to achieve this is by bringing stream viewers into the core gameplay via chat and voting mechanics. These mean viewers can not only spectate, but also participate during a player’s live broadcasting of #killallzombies on Xbox Live or via the Twitch website.

There are four ways that spectators can affect the game for the broadcaster:

1) Every 80 seconds, there is a choice of two encounter options available to vote for via Twitch interactions including encounter spawns, various arena events, timed bonuses and added perks.

2)The perk select screen has its own voting mechanic. If the player decides to wait and select the spectator’s most voted-for perk, the player will be offered additional XP and health.

3) Ingenious chat window text input commands are available throughout the broadcast that are executed in real time, allowing the spectators to affect a variety of imperative decisions that can significantly increase or decrease your chances of success.

There are over 100 chat commands available that trigger events, such as increasing or decreasing a contestant’s speed or health, dumping more zombies into the arena, manipulating the floor hexes and unlocking new weapons to improve your chance of survival. For the wickedest spectators, there’s the opportunity to deliberately change the camera angle to a less effective perspective or reverse the entire control scheme (plus many more!).

To avoid unfair spamming, some commands have their own cooldown mechanic; others can be triggered with different keyword commands and a few last until the session ends. There will also be plenty of hidden commands that you’ll have to figure out for yourself along the way (we’ll be posting special announcements on social media that hint toward these).

As you would expect, there’s also a plethora of weaponry available to mash up the grisly tide of dead flesh, which at launch includes a compact but powerful Beretta, a ‘Make my Day’ Revolver, sawed-off shotgun, trusty M-16, heavyweight M-60, plus a futuristic crossbow and skin-melting plasma gun. In tandem with these, there are various bullet types including standard bullets, armor-piercing rounds that are capable of shooting directly through zombies, and icy freezing bullets. We will also be adding even more weaponry and bullet variants in the future as development of the game evolves.

The player will fight through twelve categories of zombies, including classic slow-movers, speedy sprinters, elusive jumpers, gigantic behemoths and four suitably enraged bosses. Killing significant quantities of zombies will earn XP which enables the player to level up and choose higher-value perks that will prove incredibly helpful in surviving the relentless legions of foul ghouls.

The ninety-plus perks have tremendous influence, as each of them can shift the balance of power from the stinking mass of undead surrounding you back to the player. They range from simple health, ammo and weapon pickups to exotic abilities such as invisibility and drastic arena-wide insta-death events that leave absolutely every zombie in a crumpled heap on the floor. A full list of Perks is available for your perusal here:

Add to this 3 classic game modes (Survival, Defend the Flag and sofa-friendly local co-op) and you’ll be cleaning blood and gore off your TV screen for months!

Do you have the raw survival instincts, razor-sharp reflexes and audience popularity to endure and prevail in the Arena? Find out on August 10 when #killallzombies hits Xbox One!