Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition
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Game Description: Chess is all about the challenge. So whether you’re playing online against up-to 8 friends at any one time; matchmaking with the existing Pure Chess community of over 2.5 Million players; or head-to-head against the AI, there’s always a game to play, when you want to play. Developed with the aid of a respected chess Grandmaster, the game features a depth of tutorials for players of all ages to learn and improve the game. Pure Chess also has a powerful and finely tuned AI setting, across ten levels, so you can play at the ELO best suited to you. The better you are, the more challenging the AI can be.

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Product Info:
Developer:  VooFoo Studios
Publisher: Ripstone Ltd
Website: Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition
Twitter: @RipstoneGames