UPDATE: Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition Is Now Available For Xbox One And Windows 10

Content: Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition
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Game Description: Discover your Killer Instinct! Play the legendary fighting game with stunning 60FPS visuals, over-the-top action, a wild cast of combatants, rocking reactive music, and C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERS! Includes all 26 characters from Seasons 1-3, including Shadow Jago, Rash from Battletoads, Arbiter from Halo and General RAAM from Gears of War; 20 stages with intense stage destruction and Killer Instinct Classic 1 & 2 for Xbox One.

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Product Info:
Developer: Iron Galaxy
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Website: Killer Instinct
Twitter: @KillerInstinct


*Killer Instinct Definitive Edition is a cross-platform game that allows Windows 10 users to fight against Xbox One users on the same battlefield. 

*Killer Instinct Definitive Edition also supports Xbox Play Anywhere: yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost.

For more information on Xbox Play Anywhere, check out this article at Xbox Wire.