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Play Rise of the Tomb Raider, Get 100,000 In-game Credits

It’s been two decades since the original Tomb Raider, and to celebrate we have a ton of new content for Rise of the Tomb Raider.

In the new story chapter “Blood Ties,” Lara must explore her childhood home to find proof that she’s the rightful heir to Croft Manor. Then in “Lara’s Nightmare,” the Manor is overrun by zombies which offers replayable combat and community challenges. We’ve added co-op gameplay to the Endurance survival mode so you can raid tombs with a friend in a frozen Siberian landscape, and an Extreme survivor difficulty mode for those who want to test their skills in the single-player campaign. All this and more will be available on October 11, and Xbox One and Windows 10 Season Pass owners will automatically receive all of the new content for free.

As if this weren’t enough incentive to head back to Siberia, we’re giving our community around the world 100,000 in-game credits to purchase Expedition Card Packs. When used, Expedition Cards become modifiers in the extra game modes. Some cards are humorous, such as Big Head mode, while others can increase the challenge or give you special advantages.

All you have to do is play Rise of the Tomb Raider any time from Tuesday, October 11 at 12:01am PST until Tuesday, October 18 at 11:59pm PST. Every platform in every country is included in this promotion, so whether you’re playing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, or Windows 10 PC, the only requirement is that you have an internet connection to log on the game’s server.

This is our small way of saying thank you to all of our Xbox One and Windows 10 players around the world for your support on Rise of the Tomb Raider, as well as the Tomb Raider franchise throughout the years.

We hope to see you on October 11, exploring Croft Manor, fighting a zombie nightmare, or surviving in the wilderness together.