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Mantis Burn Racing Developer Tips and Strategies

We’re excited to say that Mantis Burn Racing is now available on Xbox One! Being the first game that VooFoo Studios has both developed and published ourselves, we can honestly say this has been an exciting roller coaster ride and one we’ve enjoyed immensely.

Mantis Burn Racing harkens back to classic top-down arcade style racing that you know and love, with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay features such as a comprehensive single-player campaign and an in-depth vehicle upgrade system.

Mantis Burn Racing is all about gaining that all-important racing advantage, and we can’t wait for you to experience highly competitive local four-player split-screen races and online modes for up to eight players. With that in mind, here’s some key tips and strategies from the development team that we hope you’ll appreciate:

  • Don’t think creating a fast vehicle is all about power. Too many engine upgrades will just lead to speed-sapping wheel spin and uncontrollable cornering
  • Horses for courses; vehicles for tracks. In open races think carefully about what vehicle best suits the track’s characteristics
  • Shortcuts are great, but usually take you onto the slippery stuff. Drive with caution and be prepared for a loss of traction
  • Heavyweights shouldn’t be overlooked. They have the highest top-end speed and will go through the competition as easily as going around it
  • Fast moving vehicles cause a vacuum of air close behind them. Get in their draft for a boost in speed
  • Adding boost upgrades is great and will increase the refill speed of your boost gauge. Be careful: over-upgrading your boost could result in boosting right into walls
  • Suspension upgrades not only soften the blow of heavy landings, but reduce the amount of air you gain off jumps. Catching air may look cool, but without power you’re just losing speed
  • Don’t worry about scraping upgrades to make room for better ones. Upgrades are infinite and only get more powerful the more you play
  • The Accumulator event is all about making a good start. Spend too much time at the back of the field and it will be an uphill battle to reach the target score
  • It may sound obvious, but until you’re familiar with the tracks use the mini-map
  • Don’t overlook the sub-challenges in career mode as they’re the key to progression. You can always check the status of your current challenges mid-race by pausing the game
  • You can quit Time Trial at any time and keep your fastest recorded time. However, in career mode, the 2-gear challenge is always set to a fastest race time, so stick with it if you’re in need of those extra gears

We hope you enjoy Mantis Burn Racing as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Stay tuned to VooFoo Studios on Twitter for the latest updates.