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Wailing Heights Brings Undead Adventure to Xbox One

We’re excited to announce that Wailing Heights, our body-hopping musical adventure game, is coming to Xbox One!

Set in a town populated by folk-singing vegan werewolves, hipster vampire songwriters, and soul-singing zombies, you play as Francis Finklestein, one-time manager of the all-time greatest rock band that Great Britain ever produced: The Deadbeats. As our point ‘n click-inspired adventure begins, Francis is trapped in a Wailing Heights’ holding cell, charged with the crime of “not being dead yet!”

Your only hope of escape is mastering a newly acquired Possession Wheel. Find a resident’s name, an item they love, and something they hate to solve the body-hopping lyrics that will sing your soul into their body, granting access to new supernatural skills and abilities.

Our team had a great time building the comic-book inspired town, and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of our favorite places to visit in Wailing Heights.

Wailing Heights Screenshot

First up is The Cremetary, a Vampire Coffee Shop. The forever-young vampire hipsters like to drink a lot of coffee, and none make a Haemolatte like the Cremetary. Singer-songwriters play most nights of the week, and if you listen carefully, you’ll hear clues in the words to their songs.

The Ruff House might seem like a rough spot from the outside, but the werefolk inside are big puppies, really. All the locals have taken up a vegan lifestyle, and many like to spend their evenings singing along to folk sessions at the Ruff House, with a broccolitini in hand. Just be sure to keep them away from the moonshine.

My personal favorite is The Soulless Saloon, the place to hear the biggest, gruesomest zombie divas perform their soulful groans. Shows are on most nights of the week, if the band can find their fingers.

Wailing Heights Screenshot

The team at Outsider Games has been working hard for years, meticulously hand-drawing the characters and places in our comic-book art style. With help from some of today’s greatest artists such as Glenn Fabry (Preacher), John McCrea (Batman), and PJ Holden (Judge Dredd), we can’t wait for you to see the whole town on Xbox One!

For song snippets, behind-the-scenes concept art from our team, and a collection of awesome comic art visit wailingheights.com. For the absolute latest news, and to stay in touch, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.