Free Xbox Live Avatar Item – Xbox Onesies

When the Xbox Onesie was revealed a few months ago, I received a ton of inquiries about how fans could get their hands on one of these rather rare items. Unfortunately, distribution was extremely limited and I was only able to give a handful of them away.

The good news is, I was able to work with the Xbox Avatar Store team and have them create Xbox Onesie avatar items, designed to look just like the real ones. Even better, all of these Avatar items are free.






Here are links where you can download the Xbox Onesie Avatar items:

Xbox Onesie – Women (Black)

Xbox Onesie – Women (White)

Xbox Onesie – Men (Black)

Xbox Onesie – Men (White)

I hope you enjoy these free Xbox Onesie avatar items. Feel free to show me pic of your avatar decked out in one of these on Twitter.