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Overcooked’s Free “Festive Seasoning” DLC Coming December 6

It’s been a busy year.

I feel like I say this at the end of most years, but this year, I’m confident in saying, it has been the busiest I’ve ever had.

At the beginning of 2015 we started working on Overcooked, sat with our laptops trying to figure out how on earth we’d found ourselves developing a four-player game with only two people in my front room, but when you take that big leap into uncharted waters you don’t have much choice but to start swimming.

By 2016 we were in full stride on development with an impending deadline approaching and lack of sleep gradually stealing away our sanity. We poured everything we had into the project, we took it to conventions where we sat chewing our knuckles as terrifying new bugs blossomed and machines packed up at the most inopportune times, we stayed up late, we got up early, we drove back and forth across the country, ate poorly and even lost an appendix along the way too.

By the time we released the game on August 3rd 2016 we were underweight, sleep deprived and unshaven, but we were extremely proud of the plucky little game we’d managed to put together. Regardless of what the future held when we finally heard the news that Overcooked had passed certification for Xbox One we were beyond elated. It was by far the hardest I’ve ever worked on a game, but also the most fun I’ve had developing one too.

The work didn’t stop there, we dove straight into our first batch of new content. When Overcooked hit the stores on August 3rd we were already close to wrapping up The Lost Morsel DLC and were keen/anxious to see how Overcooked was going to be received…

The response we had was overwhelming and far greater than we could have ever imagined. Hearing stories about families and friends playing together or people using the game to introduce non-gamers to their favorite pass time has been really heart warming and extremely humbling.

As a thank you to everyone who has played the game, to everyone who has supported us over the past 2 years we are extremely happy to announce the release of some brand new Overcooked content. ‘Seasonings Greetings’ is our Christmas gift to all fans of the game. Home made (literally) and fresh from the oven, this brand new collection of levels introduces new chefs, new ingredients, new recipes and new cooking techniques all wrapped up in a Christmassy package that we hope will bring a smile to you and your loved one’s faces this holiday season.

As part of the Onion Kingdom’s cultural outreach program, the Onion King has enlisted the help of his favorite chefs to investigate this wonderful new craze known as the Festive Season. He’s heard it’s full of delicious new treats and wants you to scour this frozen wonderland (in his own personal snow mobile) to discover what secrets it holds. It’s time to grab your favorite cooking companions and explore these 8 new woodland lodge kitchens, unlock new festive chefs, prepare new ingredients and deliver new recipes in this extra helping of festive fun.

Oh and did we mention there’s a flame-thrower?

Happy Holidays!