Friday Night Bullet Arena Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Friday Night Bullet Arena
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Game Description: Outmaneuver your friends atop strange topologies to secure ultimate space victory! Features local Multi-player (2-4 players) 10 characters to boop! and bop! with 10 different worlds, each with different scenery and stage hazards 250+ different levels! How it works: One Bullet: That’s right, only one bullet! If you shoot it, you’re going to have to catch it again. Catching bullets sound pretty dang hard? Well don’t worry, because Friday Night Bullet Arena features… Super Screen-wrap Action: You’ll never lose your precious missile because when it leaves the screen, it just comes popping right back in on the other side! Catch your bullet again in order to fire at your foes once more.

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Product Info:
Developer: Red Nexus Games Inc.
Publisher: Red Nexus Games Inc.
Website: Friday Night Bullet Arena
Twitter: @rednexusgames