Prey PreOrder Hero image

Prey Coming to Xbox One on May 5, Available for Pre-Order Now

Can you survive an alien infestation on a remote space station? Find out on May 5, 2017 when Bethesda’s Prey comes to Xbox One. Fight your way through the deadly Typhon aliens as Morgan Yu, unraveling the mysteries behind the infestation – and your own identity – in this sci-fi thriller from Arkane Studios (Dishonored 2). In addition to sharing the news of the release date and an exciting new trailer (which you can watch above), today Bethesda announced that, starting now, you can pre-order your copy of Prey to get a pretty awesome bonus: the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack.

Exclusively available when you pre-order the game, the Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack includes tools that will come in handy when fighting the Typhon. You’ll get your hands on three Neuromods (used to acquire new abilities), two medkits, a fabrication plan to create shotgun ammo (ammo is scarce aboard Talos I), and a unique upgrade that’ll help preserve your limited resources. The jewel of this pack happens to be a Yu family heirloom – the Margrave shotgun. Here’s how the fine folks from Bethesda describe this beautiful weapon:

Designed especially for Catherine Yu’s participation in the Centennial European Shooting Championship, the Throne Margrave is a masterpiece of firearm craftsmanship. Mahogany stock, a proprietary metal-alloy barrel and 24-karat gold inlay combined with superior electronic gun control systems deliver the ultimate shooting experience. Mrs. Yu worked closely with Throne ergonomic experts to make this gun an extension of the shooter’s body – fast to point and easy to discharge.

It sounds like the team at Arkane Studios is crafting yet another deep, fully-realized universe that we can’t wait to explore. You can find out for yourself when Prey hits Xbox One on May 5, 2017.