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Ruiner Brings Brutal Cyberpunk Combat to Xbox One and Windows 10

I’m happy to announce that Ruiner is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support! This is great news for us to share because most of the comments and messages we’ve received about Ruiner were about a console release. Now you know. We just hope you won’t lose interest in the game now that the word is out…

Ruiner has come a long way from where we started and we couldn’t be happier with where we’re at now. We thought we’d make a 2D game, but couldn’t resist the immersive 3D environments. We started as a six-person team, now we’re almost 20. We intended to fund via Kickstarter and self-publish, but eventually decided to focus on the game and not the campaign, so we hooked up with the best partner we could imagine in Devolver Digital.

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So, what is Ruiner? Basically, it’s a top-down action shooter created in the spirit of cult-cyberpunk anime. Our fourfecta is exciting gameplay, compelling storyline, amazing graphics, and sound that immerses you in the experience. We picked our music very carefully and we’re proud to have the tunes of artists such as Sidewalks & Skeletons and Natalia Zamilska in the game. Master Hirasawa Susumu’s music is in Ruiner as well (it took us a year to sign him)!

Ruiner is also like a newborn baby — it needs your constant attention and doesn’t let you sleep — but it gives you many ways to explore and show off your skills as a player. It wants to put you in the trance of dashing and dancing around the enemies in the ballet of destruction (you move, or you die). The enemies are like hunting dogs and you’re like a fox, or a sheep; you’ll quickly die if you let them corner you. The A.I. is very aggressive and wants to kick your ass, but it’s not unfair. Thanks to the many weapons you can grab from fallen enemies, and the skills and powerful gadgets at your disposal, you’ll have what it takes to come out the winning side in these whirling encounters.

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Remember the “Chainsaw Rhapsody” in the Lobo comics? In Ruiner you’ll be able to do something similar with your twin sticks, in equally sophisticated surroundings. For example, by combining your Energy Shield with Dash you’ll have a powerful attack. Utilizing the environments is important as well, as energy walls will slow down enemies making it easier to pick them off, one by one. Or you could stun them with a shock grenade. Not to mention that some implants in your character can help sharpen your senses so you gain aiming precision. Ultimately, it’ll be important for you to balance health, enemy, and ammo in a way that stratifies and supports your style of play.

We look forward to sharing more information soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on Ruiner by following us on Twitter and keep it locked to Xbox Wire.