Kinsano DLC Art

Kinsano Brings the Heat to Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows 10 Today

All Units – a fierce and fiery new ally joins the fray in the UNSC’s battle against Atriox and The Banished. Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano, the first of many new add-on leaders, is available today on Xbox Play Anywhere title Halo Wars 2 for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Kinsano is included with the Season Pass or purchased individually for $5.99, and can be used for all multiplayer modes, bringing an exciting array of new, incendiary units and game-changing abilities to the battlefield. Check out Halo Waypoint for full details, including Kinsano’s background, descriptions of the units exclusive to her and some of the battlefield changing abilities she wields.

Looking ahead, players can expect a new Halo Wars 2 content drop every month and can look forward to more leaders (each with unique units and abilities) in addition to a couple of new campaign missions. If you’ve yet to jump into Halo Wars 2, be sure to check out the recently released demo available for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.