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Xbox Ambassadors Program Encourages You to Get Involved With Your Community on and off the Console

Looking for more ways to get involved with the Xbox community? The Xbox Ambassadors Program has you covered! As an Xbox Ambassador, you’ll be able to interact with a growing community, help out fellow gamers and unlock cool Rewards. You may even find yourself spotlighted on This Week on Xbox and the Community Blog or actively participating in Xbox Ambassadors streams and YouTube videos.

You can find a quick menu of activities central to the Xbox Ambassador Program here, but opportunities for getting active continue to grow. Last October, the Program launched Project Watchtower, a tool that enables Ambassadors to reach out to other gamers Tweeting about Xbox. The current Ambassador community has made excellent use of the tool, and you can find a handy overview below.

Alongside a growing Twitter presence, the Xbox Ambassadors Program has also spread to YouTube. Videos already created by the Xbox Ambassadors team as well as community members can be found at this channel with more works in store for the future.

While the Program’s main focus is building a stronger community of active gamers on and off the console, it goes without saying that the Rewards are pretty cool, too. Sign up and get started today for a chance at the March Sweepstakes, which includes two Xbox One S consoles, five Astro A40 TR headsets, ten Design Lab controllers and twenty EA Access 12-month membership tokens.

You can learn more about the Monthly Sweepstakes and other Rewards exclusive to Xbox Ambassadors right now at the Rewards page. And do keep in mind that the Program is always growing. Season Six starts on April 1, and the Xbox Ambassadors team is already looking to introduce new Sweepstakes Rewards, such as Xbox Game Passes and Beam Pro codes, themed Xbox console bundles, Ambassador-branded swag and much more.

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In addition to offering a wide array of activities to take part in, the Xbox Ambassadors Program is home to many kinds of gamers. You can get to know a few of those gamers right now by visiting the Community Blog or watching “Did You Know?” segments of This Week on Xbox. Recently, the Xbox Ambassadors Program and This Week on Xbox featured Albert X, an Xbox enthusiast with a passion for organizing gaming events in Puerto Rico, and SightlessKombat, a sightless gamer and accessibility champion.

Join the Xbox Ambassadors Program today to learn even more about the kinds of activities and opportunities Ambassadors are taking part in! New Ambassadors will receive a “Welcome Email” upon joining that offers helpful tips on getting started. In the meantime, take a look at some “Behind the Scenes” material to learn more about the Program and some of the staff members that keep it growing:

  • Misses Sunny Designs the Season Five Legendary Coin – Take a peek at the process that goes into creating the Xbox Ambassadors Legendary Coin! It’s one of the most exclusive and sought after Rewards offered to Ambassadors.
  • Mister Teal Sets Up the Stream Room – If you use the Xbox One Community Calendar to check out new streams, then you may have already seen the Xbox Ambassadors Stream Room. Get a closer look at the preparation that goes into Ambassadors Beam streams now.