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Snake Pass Available Now on Xbox One and Windows 10 via Xbox Play Anywhere

Hey everyone, James here once again to bring you some news from Sumo Digital. Today marks an incredibly special occasion for the Snake Pass team — today we release Snake Pass to the world on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Play Anywhere support. It’s going to sound crazy, but the concept of writing those words on the page and then reading them back… it’s all honestly quite surreal. We’re doing this! Our game is coming out and you’re going to get to play it. Very cool.

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To really understand how far Snake Pass has come, it’s worth talking about the game’s humble roots. A little over a year ago, Snake Pass was nothing more than a small tech demo built within Unreal Engine 4 for an upcoming company Game Jam. After playing around for a few hours in-engine, designer Seb Liese came up with the idea of putting together a physics based rope that players could interact with. After some fooling around, and what we can only imagine was coupled with some mad scientist laughter, the rope eventually evolved into a simple, but crude snake figure!

Fast forward a few months and one Game Jam victory later, what would soon become known as Snake Pass was beginning to take shape in a corner of Sumo HQ. The snake-like physics, the gorgeous landscapes, the glowing collectibles — it was all there and although we loved it, the biggest test was going to be with what you guys thought. With that set, our first port of call was to be the UK event, EGX Rezzed. We were overwhelmed by positivity from the crowds that came to check the game out, it blew us away as, although quietly optimistic, not one of us knew what to expect. The following Monday, Snake Pass was greenlit for full production.

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Of course, then came the hard work and the real beginning of our journey. For just short of 12 months, the team has been working tirelessly to build a game that not only we love, but one that we really think you’re going to love too. We honestly believe it’s a fresh take on a beloved genre, a whole new set of mechanics that we don’t think you’ll have ever seen before, and it’s honestly stunning to just sit back and look at. Whether you’re with friends, family or slithering solo, there’s fun to be had by everyone and to us, that’s what helps make Snake Pass something special.

We cannot thank everyone over at Xbox enough for everything they’ve done for us over this past year, especially the team at ID@Xbox. Most importantly we want to thank you, the Xbox community for your support, dedication, and passion. It’s honestly helped drive us and strive to make the very best game we can because after all, it’s what you guys deserve.

Snake Pass Screenshot

Now go! Snake Pass is available right now and Haven Tor is waiting for you to slither to its highest peaks, whether that’s on your couch or on the go with the help of Xbox Play Anywhere. Remember, think like a snake and show us your best snakey moves. We cannot wait to see what you guys do. With that said, it’s in your hands now.