Start Your Adventure in DC Universe Online Today Against Starro The Conqueror

DC Universe Online is the free-to-play action combat MMO set in the DC Comics universe, and we are excited to announce our new major event Starro The Conqueror is now available on Xbox One today! This event is the perfect time for new and returning players to jump into the game. Why? Because this new content is playable by all players level 10 and up.

For those unfamiliar with Starro, he’s a massive intergalactic starfish with incredible powers. While a giant starfish might not sound that intimidating, even the Justice League fears his mind control abilities. The event includes open-world missions, a duo, an alert (4-player), a raid (8-player), and more. To play, open your in-game On Duty menu and find the Starro The Conqueror content under the Events section.

DC Universe Online Starro the Conqueror Screenshot

Stay alert, save the world, and reap the reward of new gear, feats, and styles as you face Starro! New to the game? Fear, not! These essential tips will take you from zero to hero just in time to take on Starro.

  • Download DCUO for free on Xbox One: Everyone has to start somewhere, and the world needs heroes and villains
  • Choose your morality and mentor: Once you decide on your side, pick one of six iconic DC characters like Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and Circe to help you on your adventure
  • Pick Your Power, Weapon, and Movement Mode: It’s hard to succeed in this universe without incredible powers, weapons, and methods for getting around. Lucky for you, we have a vast array of powers (fire, ice, or gadgets), weapons (sword, staff, or martial arts), and movement (flight, super speed, or acrobatics)
  • Create Your Unique Character: Every superhero or villain has a unique look and you are no exception. With a wide variety of skin types, hairstyles, and appearance gear, you can set the color palette and become the next icon in the DC Universe. You’ll collect even more styles as you grow and progress throughout your life and adventure in the game
  • Begin Your Adventure. Start out as a hero or villain breaking out of Brainiac’s ship. This guided tutorial mission will help you learn the controls of the game. From there, follow your mentor’s instructions until you are level 10. Once you have learned these basics, you will be ready to face Starro and the rest of DC Universe Online. Good luck!

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