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Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road Expansion Available Now on Xbox One

Starting today, the elite commandos known as Ghosts can add a new tactic to their diverse skill set: undercover infiltration. Available now for Season Pass owners, the Narco Road expansion for Ghost Recon Wildlands sends the Ghosts undercover to bring down a South American smuggler known as El Invisible, which they’ll do by posing as mercenaries and working with his gangs. The new campaign arc unfolds over 15 missions, but Narco Road is more than a story expansion, adding new challenges as well as monster trucks, chopper bikes, race cars, and even gold-plated guns to the mix.

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Getting El Invisible’s attention means raising your profile among his gangs as much as possible, so everything you do – whether it’s finishing missions, chasing side jobs, or just pulling off stunt trials – nets you gang followers, which in turn get you closer to the leaders of El Invisible’s operation.

Each of El Invisible’s three lieutenants leads one of the expansion’s new gangs: daredevil Eddie Escovedo leads the Kamikazes, enigmatic Arturo Rey heads the Death Riders biker outfit, and the muscle car-loving Jinetes Locos take their orders from Tonio Mateos. And in addition to them, you’ll have to contend with a new rival cartel, Los Sin Alma, which has taken control of bases across Bolivia.

Ghost Recon Narco Road Screenshot

You’ll have new ways to pursue fame and intel across the Bolivian landscape, with nitro-boosted muscle cars, enemy-crushing monster trucks, high-performance choppers, and even stunt planes joining the game’s already-expansive roster of vehicles. Narco Road also comes with nine new weapons and four exclusive outfits, giving you new ways to customize your Ghost’s personal aesthetics and combat style.

You can download Narco Road from the Xbox Store immediately if you’ve got a Season Pass for Ghost Recon Wildlands, or pick it up individually starting April 25.