Star Trek Online Season 12 Hero

Star Trek Online Season 12 Now Available on Xbox One

Star Trek Online began a journey well over a year ago on Xbox One, a journey to bring a game we love on PC to consoles. It was a tough undertaking that required significant planning, new technology, and determination on the part of Cryptic Studios, but that undertaking was truly a labor of love for us. We’ve hit many milestones since we launched, from our first major update, to our first major expansion, to some of our favorite events on PC making it to consoles for the first time.

Today I’m proud to announce a brand-new milestone! With the release of Season 12 that’s now available, Star Trek Online on Xbox One is now current with the PC version that has been live for over seven years. All of the same great episodes, queued content, events, and acting talent that we’ve known for years are there for anyone to download and play for free.

Now that we’ve reached this milestone, we’ll continue to regularly update the Xbox One version of the game so it remains as close to the PC release cadence as possible. We want everyone to be able to stay up to date on the next exciting episode together, and all of the rest of the amazing content the Star Trek Online team has to offer. Thanks for playing, and I’ll see you in game!