Bloody Zombies Hero Image

Co-Op Brawler Bloody Zombies Coming to Xbox One in 2017

Bloody Zombies is a brand-new co-op brawler where all that remains of civilization are four misfit survivors — Teller, Rei, Eddie, and Mick ‘The Brick’ — who have been brought together to save a city overrun by hordes of mutated zombies. You’ll need to master free-form combat, unlock special moves, and discover brutal chainable combos to survive.

Play with up to three other friends, whether on the couch or online, and work together to defeat the horde. You’ll be up against a wide range of mutated zombies and bosses, and on top of slaying the undead, compete against each other for the highest score!

Bloody Zombies Screenshot

At Paw Print Games, we’re huge brawler fans inspired by Streets of Rage, Devil May Cry, and Guacamelee so developing Bloody Zombies has been a dream for us. Inspired by graphic novels and classic British films, we wanted to create a uniquely British art style with a touch of dry English humour. We’ve also partnered with nDreams who have previously released The Assembly to help us release the game.

We’re very excited for you to get your hands on the game when it’s released later this year on Xbox One! We’ll be unveiling more in the coming months, so keep an eye out on Xbox Wire for more news on Bloody Zombies.