Madden Champ Hero

The Road to The Madden 17 Championship

The 2017 Madden Championship Series (MCS) is a 9-month competitive journey with four major stops, offering a total prize pool of $1,000,000. It culminates with the 3-week Madden Championship, which crowns this year’s best Madden competitor. To kick it off, let’s look at the numbers behind the competition.

MCS By the Numbers

1,000,0000 – Total prize pool at stake for the Madden Championship Series

500,000 – Total prize pool at stake for the final 32 Madden Championship competitors

100,000 – Total prize for the winner of the Madden Championship

32 – The number of competitors in the Madden Championship

30 – Age of the oldest player in the Madden Championship

24 – Average age of the final 32 competitors in the Madden Championship Series

19 – Age of the youngest finalist in the Championship Series

8 – Number of competitors in the final 32 who played over 1,000 games on their MCS journey

5 – Players from California in the Madden Championship (the most of any state)

4 – The number of Major Events in the Championship Series

3 – The number of weeks of the final major

2 – Players who earned bids to the Championship from the 2017 NFL Club Series

1 – Champion left to be crowned for Madden NFL 17

Announced at EA Play last July, the event energized the Madden Community heading toward the launch of Madden NFL 17. Steve Gibbons, one of the hosts of the Championship Series, knew this was an exciting opportunity for competitors. “The reaction from players was remarkable,” he said, “when they saw the entire scale of the series and the amount of prize money at stake.”

Madden Champ Inline

It’s been an amazing year so far. The second Major, the 2017 Madden Bowl (the first was the 2017 Madden Classic, the third the 2017 Madden Challenge) took competitors from the Pro Bowl in Orlando to the Super Bowl in Houston. It saw a first-time Champion emerge, too, in Chris “Dubby” McFarland, who came all the way from Philadelphia to go on an incredible underdog run.

But now the biggest event of the series is here – the 2017 Madden Championship. $500,000 is on the line for 32 of Madden’s best competitors. Commentator Andrew Johnson knows the pressure is real with that much on the line. “These players prepare nonstop, but you feel the pressure on their shoulders with all the opportunity available for the taking.”

Who will take the crown as the king of Madden NFL 17? Find out live from Los Angeles May 12 – 14 for the final week of action.