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Xbox Play Anywhere Action Platformer A Walk in the Dark Available Now

I’m excited to announce that A Walk in the Dark is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10 via Xbox Play Anywhere. As big fans of 2D platformers, A Walk in the Dark represents our take on the platformed genre we grew up playing. In our game you’ll be playing as Bast, a cat on a mission to rescue his best friend Arielle, from an ancient evil creature that turned their hike into a fight for survival. This journey will take you through 100 levels that will put your skills as a gamer to the test. For the bravest of players, we have added 10 additional Challenge levels that require exceptional precision and mastery to complete.

The team that brought this game to life originated almost a decade ago when I was still in college. We shared a passion for games and were excited to explore what we could create ourselves. Back then, the XNA framework was one of the main tools we used. The passionate dev community and the ability to quickly try out our ideas and experiments, not only on PCs, but also on Xbox 360, played a crucial role in our careers. After many prototypes and small mobile games, we finally started to work on what became A Walk in the Dark.

A Walk in the Dark Screenshot

A few years later, I’m very happy to see the game come out on Xbox One and Windows 10. Thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere, you only buy it once to play it on both platforms. Your progress is also shared across console and PC. A Walk in the Dark is a true Universal Windows Platform (UWP) game, with the exact same code running on both platforms. This is especially exciting for me, because of how simple it was to get the game running on the console.

We had the full game running on a retail Xbox One months before we even reached out to ID@Xbox. We developed A Walk in the Dark using the same consoles we bought to play games and watch movies. And now anyone can do that, through the Xbox Live Creators Program. Seeing the barriers for console game development being brought down, makes me truly excited for the future. I can’t wait to see the great ideas and experiences that will come from a new generation of game developers.

In the meantime, we really hope you enjoy our game. Now go catch all the shiny collectibles, beat your friends in the leaderboards and save Arielle!