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Explore the Frozen Mystery of Kholat, Coming to Xbox One on June 9

Inspired by the true events of the Dyatlov Pass incident, which took the lives of nine Russian students on an expedition in the northern Ural Mountains, Kholat puts you in the position of uncovering the mystery of what “really” happened, gradually sinking into the hostile environment, in this atmospheric horror game.

In reality, the expedition never reached their goal and the entire crew died under strange circumstances that have yet to be explained. The mystery has given rise to many theories and peculation. We did a lot of research about the Dyatlov Pass incident while working on Kholat. What you’ll find in the game is our own unique interpretation of the course of events after analyzing each of the publicly available theories.

The most obvious hypothesis like avalanche or animal attack can be undermined on several merits. That’s the reason why some of the researchers turned toward more extraordinary theories like military weapon tests, infrasound influence… or even Yeti.

Each of the Dyaltov Pass Incident theories has some strengths and weaknesses, which you can assess on your own when Kholat comes to Xbox One on June 9, with Sean Bean serving as your narrator throughout the course of the game, as you try to uncover what really happened up in the Ural Mountains in 1959.

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