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E3 2017: Set Sail on A Pirate Adventure Like No Other in Sea of Thieves

This year at E3 we showed some exciting new details about Sea of Thieves, our inviting, shared-world adventure game set in a world of pirates and plunder. Fans got their first look at an experienced crew setting out to decipher a mysterious riddle, seeking hidden treasures while dealing with a horde of skeletons, a vicious storm, and a rival pirate crew with mayhem in mind. All part and parcel of a pirate’s life on the Sea of Thieves! Show attendees then got the chance to crew up and experience the thrill of treasure hunting for themselves.

For the uninitiated, Sea of Thieves lets you form a crew and take to the high seas, undertaking voyages, exploring unclaimed islands in search of treasure and battling dangerous creatures – all in a world where every sail on the horizon is a ship of real players who could turn out to be friends or foes.

What’s most exciting about Sea of Thieves is that it’s being developed in a way that’s unlike anything Rare has ever done before. Our Insider Program gives us an opportunity to hear directly from fans, who in turn get to help shape the game into the experience they want. As part of that, we’re currently in the midst of our Technical Alpha phase, bringing in players early and taking advantage of the great feedback they can offer.

Do you want to be a part of our Technical Alpha? You can learn more by becoming a Sea of Thieves Insider here at

We look forward to you joining us on this epic adventure, and we’ll have more to share soon!