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How to Choose Your Hero in Gigantic

Calling all heroes! Gigantic has officially launched on Xbox One and Windows 10. We at Motiga and Perfect World Entertainment couldn’t be more excited to get our unique hero-shooter into the hands of gamers across the globe. The development team has been working for years to create a visually stunning and strategic experience featuring massive Guardians, creatures to summon, and a diverse roster of heroes.

One of the best aspects of gaming is that it offers experiences for all types of gamers. With Gigantic, we’re proud to offer 19 heroes (with many more on the way) that each have their own playstyles, diverse skill sets, and varied skill trees to fine-tune your gameplay for each match. Even in the heat of battle, hero skills can be upgraded depending on the friendly or enemy team composition, the state of map control, or if you feel like making some wacky plays.

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We know that choosing a hero can be difficult, especially when they have captivating aesthetics, but we put together a few tips that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

Fit Your Play Style
Currently, Gigantic has 10 hero types to choose fromshooter, tank, utility, bruiser, caster, control, assassin, summoner, healer, and fighter. When you first start playing Gigantic, we recommend choosing a role that you are comfortable with based upon other game genres you play. This will allow you to be familiar with some game mechanics as soon as you drop into the battlefield.

Do you like being in the center of all the action?
You’re going to want to choose a tank or bruiser hero. It’s going to be your job to be the heavy hitter, the offensive powerhouse for your team, but also the biggest and most attractive target. Be prepared to take a beating!
We recommend: Lord Knossos, The Margrave

Do you like staying at bay while picking off enemies?
Choose a caster or shooter hero. It will be your job to damage foes from afar and to hover at the edge of battle while your powerhouses take the hits. You’re not quite as strong, but you’re usually a bit more mobile. Make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings.
We recommend: Beckett, Charnok

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Do you like to sneak around the battlefield and take out unsuspecting enemies?
Go with an assassin or a fighter hero. You’ll quickly dance in and out of battle while trying to call very little attention to yourself. As your enemies attempt to retreat, it will be your job to pursue them when they are weak. Make sure that you don’t let them get away!
We recommend: Tripp, Tyto,

Do you like to alter elements of battle?
A summoner or control hero may be right for you. These heroes are responsible for fortifying the team defenses and placing debuffs on the enemies. You’re not going to want to go into a fight alone, but you’ll be responsible for assisting your team with quick kills. You’re essential for team play!
We recommend
: Xenobia, Griselma

Do you like supporting your team?
Pick between a healer or utility character! These heroes are responsible for making sure teammate are healed, but also have quick escape routes when the battle gets tough. It’s good to stick close to your tank since they’ll be taking the most damage and you’ll also enable them to stay in the battle longer. Stay out of sight!
We recommend: Uncle Sven, Vadasi

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Team Dynamic
As you choose your heroes, keep the rest of your team’s pick in mind. A healthy, well-balanced team composition is key to success on the battlefield. We recommend that every team has these four basic roles: a front-line initiator, a team support, a ranged-damage dealer, and an assassin/fighter. The fifth hero is always the wild card.

Try Them All
Finally, we encourage you to try all the heroes out. Since each characters in Gigantic has so much variation and depth, even heroes of the same type do not always battle the same way. With the ability to select different upgrades on the fly, no two casters are the same! Moreover, you may find that you like playing a hero that you never expected.

Keep these tips in mind as you jump into Gigantic for the first time. We can’t wait to see you on the airship!