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Path of Exile Closed Beta Launches Today on Xbox One

As you may be aware, Path of Exile is coming soon to Xbox One to make its console debut. We’re extremely excited to break into this new arena and welcome new Action RPG fans to the Path of Exile community. Also: our Xbox One beta is live right now! You can sign up at and space is limited, but we’ll try to get everyone in.

I founded Grinding Gear Games in 2006 with three friends. After years of playing genre classics such as Dungeon Siege, Titan Quest and the Diablo series, we dreamed of making the next big Action RPG. Over the last 11 years, we’ve scaled up from a team of four in my garage to a staff of more than 100, making us the largest game development studio in New Zealand.

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Our goal with Path of Exile was to create an Action RPG based on deep character customization, a strong online item economy and visceral action combat. It was also very important to us that the game is free, without micro-transactions that affect your gameplay or the power level of your character.

The Xbox One launch of Path of Exile contains all our expansions, including the most recent: The Fall of Oriath. It expands Path of Exile‘s story from four acts of content to 10, just in time for the Xbox One release. While this expansion completes our storyline (for now), we’re not done yet! Our team is passionate about the world we’ve created and the fans who join us there. We’re committed to bringing even more Path of Exile content to your living room in the coming months and years.

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The Path of Exile beta will run for approximately three weeks and will give us and our fans the opportunity to test the content, controls, and user interface we created for Xbox One. During the closed beta we’ll be asking for feedback based on your experience and will be making further improvements until the official launch.

We encourage you to join us by signing up for a beta key at I look forward to playing the Path of Exile beta with you over the next few weeks!