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Go Trawling in Euro Fishing’s Foundry Dock Expansion for Xbox One

The middle of a city is probably the last place you’d expect to find a great fishing location. Not anymore. In Foundry Dock, our eagerly awaited add-on for Euro Fishing, a true urban fishing experience can be found away from the peace and stillness you would usually associate with lakeside fishing.

Because the lake is in an urban environment, it doesn’t mean there’s shortage of wildlife. The 11-acre lake contains over 400 carp weighing up to 46 lbs. That’s not all. There are also roach, tench, and bream for you to catch along with many elusive catfish. Plenty of fish to keep you occupied as a lone angler stalking his prey or in multiplayer mode as you battle monster carp with your friends.

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In Foundry Dock you’ll find yourself surrounded by urban scenery just like you’d expect in the heart of a city. The office buildings, hotels and apartment blocks form just part of the environment. Gone are the traditional swims you would find at your favorite fishing lakes and instead dockside pegs to use located around the edges of the lake, or on the jetties reaching in towards the center.

You can fish in open water, along the edges of the dock (called margins), or up tight to some of the narrow boats moored as fish love to hide in the shadows.

If this sounds like the lake for you, net yourself a copy today and start enjoying the urban scenery while catching some of the incredible fish that live below the surface. Happy fishing!