Become The One in NBA Live 18

NBA Live 18 is all about player control, taking place where skill meets style, a place inhabited by recently-announced cover athlete James Harden. With moves unmatched, a game that’s always on point, and an artistry and flair about everything he does, Harden is a unique player and individual. In NBA Live 18, you get to be like the remarkable Houston Rockets guard. The time is now to follow no one and begin your personal quest to be The One.

The One is an all-new and dynamic career journey that lets you define your individual player identity and become a legend. Express yourself by customizing the way you look, from the hairstyles to the tattoos to the kicks. Master a signature ability only you can pull off and make your mark on the game. Choose from dozens of game-changing traits to help strategize against opponents. Create how you look and how you want to play with deep customization. From skills to style, it’s all about you.

Your basketball path in The One will have you going from rookie to veteran in The League, an authentic NBA career journey. There, you’ll build a career of up to 10 seasons of real NBA action. Go straight into the regular season, then rain buckets in the NBA Playoffs and – if you make the cut – the NBA All-Star Game. Improve your personal overall rating by upgrading individual skills. Make your own decisions and negotiations as you navigate your career in free agency. Earn MVP, All-NBA, Sixth Man of the Year, and more. After completing your career, start again or retire.

But that’s just the beginning. Lace up and head to The Streets, where you’ll find different ways to ball, choosing from diverse challenges, each with different rewards, where you can push your progression further. Instantly play in real-time, uniquely-crafted Live Events offering fresh trials and opportunities all year long. Link up online and take on opponents in competitive, multiplayer games. Rise through the ranks and build your career in the streets by playing solo story and throwback games. Play on the most famous hoops courts around, including New York City’s Rucker Park, Compton’s Drew League, and others.

Dominate in your selected role and playstyle on the court and define your superstardom with abilities, traits, and gear. Level up your player as you drive to become an icon. Your ascension is defined by the choices you make. With the freedom to play how you want and with who you want, the respect you earn in The Streets matters just as much as the rings you earn in The League.

Your quest to be The One is just beginning. Experience this new mode yourself on August 11 with a free NBA Live 18 demo available on Xbox One. You’ll be able to begin your journey when the game releases on September 15, so head over to to pre-order the NBA Live 18: The One Edition today.