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Rise of Nations: Extended Edition Comes to Windows Store with Cross-network Play on Sept. 14

Multiplayer gaming is all about quality time with your friends. But, it wasn’t always as easy as it is today—long-time gamers like me can remember having to save IP addresses, DNS names or even use third-party tools to search for multiplayer games to join. Since then, the gaming industry has evolved, and services like Xbox Live have simplified and solved for much of this; however, choices for gamers still exist today that can determine who you play with. Ultimately, it’s up to game and platform developers to continue to simplify and solve these questions for gamers.

At Xbox, we support creating moments that connect gamers with their friends in new and innovative ways. In support of this, today, I am proud to announce that the historic RTS hit Rise of Nations: Extended Edition is coming to Windows Store on September 14th, with the unique cross-network play feature that enables fans to challenge up to eight players online with Windows 10, across Xbox Live and Steam. We want gamers to enjoy this classic Game of the Year-winning RTS through sharing multiplayer experiences with their friends, and it’s now a reality for Windows 10 gamers to join over two million Rise of Nations fans on Steam in mastering 6,000 years of history, from the Ancient Age to the Information Age.

For a limited time, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition will be available in Windows Store for only $4.99 USD. The regular price will be $19.99.

Offering hundreds of hours of gameplay, Rise of Nations: Extended Edition for Windows 10 includes both the original Rise of Nations game as well as the PC Game of the Year expansion, Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots.

Key gameplay features include:

  • Lead one of 24 nations, each with its own distinctive attributes and special units.
  • Learn to play with six tutorials for beginning to experienced strategy gamers.
  • Take command over a hundred military units operating on the ground, sea, and air— from Hoplites to Frigates to Helicopters.
  • Research more than 50 technologies over eight historical epochs.
  • Build wonders of the world, including the Terra Cotta Army, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower. Each wonder gives your nation special bonuses.
  • Play a variety of the critically acclaimed Single-Player Conquer the World campaigns including, Alexander the Great, The New World, Napoleon and The Cold War.
  • Experience more than a dozen map types in single and multiplayer scenarios, ranging from the Amazon Rainforest to the Himalayas to the Nile Delta.
  • Xbox Live Integration
  • Multiplayer with ranked matches (ELO)
  • Achievements
  • Cloud saves

Xbox remains committed to connecting gamers and encourages discussions with developers toward achieving this goal—for gamers everywhere. Enjoy, and I look forward to playing with you online!