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Mages of Mystralia is Available Now on Xbox One

Hi, everyone! This is Dan Adelman. I was part of the original Xbox launch team back in 2001, and now I work with a number of indie studios to help them be as successful as possible. I’m super excited to announce that Mages of Mystralia by Borealys Games is available now on Xbox One! In case you’re not already familiar with it, Mages of Mystralia is an action-adventure game in which you design your own custom spells to solve environmental puzzles and fight enemies.

When we set out to create Mages of Mystralia, we wanted players to feel like a mage. To master the ways of magic and create spells that are uniquely their own – not just to press a button and execute some pre-rendered spell that we made up. To that end, a flexible, powerful, and intuitive spell creation system is fundamental to the experience of being a spell master.

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Here’s how it works. When you begin the game, you are introduced to the four spell categories: Immedi (for close range spells like melee attacks), Actus (which creates orbs that persist over some amount of time), Creo (for conjuring spells), and Ego (for spells that affect yourself).

Each of the spells can be modified by runes that you collect on your journey. There are three categories of runes: Behaviors, Augments, and Triggers. Behavior runes make the spell do something, Augments modify Behaviors, and Triggers connect multiple spells together using basic logic to create a spell greater than the sum of its parts. So let’s try building an actual spell to see how it works.

First, I’ll add the Move Behavior to an Actus spell, it will make the orb move. Your basic fireball. Since behaviors stack, I can also add Duplicate Behavior to it, so that it becomes a multi-shot fireball.

Mages of Mystralia Fireball Image

Now I’ll make a new spell. I can make a decoy of myself by adding the Duplicate rune to the Ego spell. (Because you’re duplicating yourself!) And I’ll add to that a Periodic Trigger – meaning that we want this Ego spell to call another spell periodically. The system will ask what spell we want to call periodically, and I can select the multishot fireball I made. We can also play around with things further by connecting a Right Augment to the decoy spell to make the it rotate around. And now we’ve got ourselves a spinning fireball-shooting turret!

Mages of Mystralia Turret Image
Here are some other spells that we came up with. See if you can figure out how we made them!

Mages of Mystralia Lightning Image

Mages of Mystralia Flashy Ending Image

Mages of Mystralia Ice Meteor Image

The better you get at crafting spells, the more effective you will be as a mage. In addition to fighting enemies, you’ll encounter situations where you’ll need to design very specific spells. And if you’re brave enough to try Archmage Mode, some of those enemies and environment puzzles will put your skills to the ultimate test!

We’re very proud of how we were able to design an intuitive, yet never seen before spell-crafting system. We found early on that our playtesters were coming up with spells and strategies that had never occurred to us. We’re looking forward to seeing what you create in Mages of Mystralia, launching today on Xbox One!