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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode One Available Now on Xbox One

The big day is here! We can’t believe it’s already August 31 and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode One: Awake comes out today on Xbox One!

In Life is Strange: Before the Storm you play as Chloe Price, a sixteen-year-old rebel armed with a brutal wit and a boundless ability to get in trouble. The story takes place three years prior to the events of Life is Strange, when Chloe meets Rachel Amber for the first time. Chloe has burned every bridge at home and at school, and now stands alone against the world. Rachel enters Chloe’s life as the exact opposite. Beautiful, popular and destined for success, Rachel is the opposite of Chloe in nearly every way. But when Rachel’s life is nearly destroyed by hidden secrets, it’s her newfound friendship with Chloe that gives both the strength to carry on.

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For the development team at Deck Nine Games, working on this game has been a dream come true. We were fans of Life is Strange from long before getting this opportunity. The characters, the stories and the gameplay from the original game captivated us in a way that few games had ever done before.

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With our talented team from across games, TV and film, we worked on many ideas, exploring characters and storylines from across Arcadia Bay. We wanted to tell a meaningful story that would build on the amazing work that had come before us. In the end, the character who spoke the loudest to us, what a surprise, was Chloe Price. We love Chloe. She is a powerful young woman who takes what she wants and says what she thinks. That set us to thinking about Chloe’s earlier years, when she was without Max, and of course that led us to Rachel. We all know how her story ends, but how does it begin? In the end, that was the question we wanted to answer.

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Many people can pinpoint a person who had a huge influence on their life and ultimately shaped the person they are today. In some cases, these relationships can span a few short months and in other cases, decades. For Chloe, that person who changes everything is Rachel. To celebrate the release of Episode One: Awake we wanted to further explore and highlight some real-life stories of friendship and devotion. So, we invited a small group of real people to write an open letter to that special person in their own life. We hope that our Open Letter video will resonate with you on a personal level and will also give you an insight into what you might expect from Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

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It has been an amazing honor to develop this game and we look forward to sharing it with you. Let us know if you are picking up the game and what all your theories are for what happens next, but please remember that some players may not have had a chance to play the episode yet, so do be considerate when posting spoilers.

All the best,

The Before the Storm team