Battlefield 1 Revolution Artwork

Play Battlefield 1 During Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days, September 22-24

Between September 22 – 24, all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One can enjoy Battlefield 1 for free with Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days. Once the event begins, download Battlefield 1 by clicking on the Gold Member area on the home dashboard or downloading directly from the Xbox Store.

The acclaimed Battlefield 1 is multiplayer warfare on an epic scale. In the global conflicts of the Great War, you’ll experience all sides of World War I: from cavalry and brutal melee weapons, to the first tanks ever invented. No battle is ever the same and behemoths like airships or armored trains can turn the tide of a match. In Battlefield 1, you’ll find:

  • A World at War: Take the battle from the scenic Italian Alps to the scorching Arabian deserts
  • Four Unique Main Classes: Play as Assault, Medic, Support, or Scout and help out your squad mates
  • The Chance to Play It Your Way: Find your favorite game mode such as the popular Conquest, the furious Rush, or epic Operations across multiple maps
  • Weapons: Wield standard issue rifles, experimental light machine guns, and long-range sniper rifles. Sidearms, grenades, and gadgets add even more variety
  • Vehicles: Jump into light tanks, landships, and motorcycles or take to the skies in biplanes, fighters, or bombers
  • Single Player: Take on the thrilling War Stories and experience the many different sides of WW1

Battlefield 1 Screenshot

If you’re new to Battlefield 1 and want to join the all-out war, from September 19 – 25 you can save 40% on Battlefield 1 Revolution. You’ll get the base game as well as all the perks of the Premium Pass, including four themed digital expansion packs.

Already own the base game? You can save 40% on Battlefield 1 Premium Pass for full access to the two most recent expansion packs, They Shall Not Pass and In the Name of the Tsar, and early access to the two other upcoming expansion packs. All Gamerscore and achievements earned during this event period are yours to keep, and saved game data will carry on if you decide to buy the game later.

Battlefest Key Art

Between September 19 – 30, Battlefest: Revolution celebrates the community of 22 million players with events, missions, and giveaways, including a free trial of the most extensive expansion, Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar. Enter the war’s biggest front with the Russian army, ride with the legendary Hussar cavalry, and battle in blistering winter across all six epic maps.

See the Battlefest: Revolution page for more information and we will see on you on the battlefield!