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XPA Title Ruiner Now Available on Xbox One and Windows 10

After three years of intensive work, our team of eighteen devoted developers can’t wait for you to play Ruiner on Xbox One and Windows 10. Come, join us in the dark heart of Rengkok City.

Ruiner is a brutal, story-driven action game set in the year 2091 in cyber metropolis Rengkok. You’re a wired psychopath looking for his brother. Your brain was hacked. Someone sent you to kill a man. They took your brother, too. And now that you know the truth, all you can think of is: rescue your brother and take revenge. You’re not alone. She is with you.

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Your speed is what keeps you alive. The huge arsenal of cyber implants and weapons make you invincible. Death means nothing. Your helmet is everything. The music plays directly in your head. Electro beats blasting through your brain, turning the blind slaughter into graceful swirl of death and destruction.

Your enemies are relentless. But you know they’re just pawns. Your real enemies hide in the shadows, behind steel curtains, deep underground, above clouds. They are pulling the strings of the puppets you fight.

Ruiner Screenshot

The helmet is everything. She speaks to you. She speaks through you. Her projections provoke them so you can deal with them. You and Her will find those who wronged you and melt their brain as you take your revenge.

The helmet, your cyber arm, and your guts are everything that stands between you and their demise.

Go get them, puppy.