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Robloxians Beware: the Hallow’s Eve Event is Now on Xbox One

Ready for a fright this spooky night? Good, because you’re in for a real treat! Bloxtober, Roblox’s thrilling month-long Halloween celebration, is already in full swing and we’ve got even more fang-tastic surprises to share with the entire Xbox community! From now until October 31, you and your friends can play three ghoulishly delightful Roblox games, including the all-new Hallow’s Eve: A Tale of Lost Souls, for a chance to win exclusive accessories for your avatar. Feast your eyes on this year’s heart-pounding, bone-chilling, hair-raising Hallow’s Eve event!

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Hallow’s Eve: A Tale of Lost Souls is not a game for the faint of heart. After hearing rumors about a haunted orphanage in the town of Halloween Village, your curiosity naturally leads you inside its dreamlike labyrinth of horror and mystery. Luckily, you’re not alone. Dr. Stein, a peculiar mad scientist, asks you to help him free the lost souls he’s accidentally trapped inside this world. Team up and explore strange and otherworldly environments, encounter ghosts, witches, and more, then stop an evil plot from coming to fruition in this exclusive Hallow’s Eve Roblox game, now on Xbox One!

Roblox Hallows Eve Hero Screenshot

Bloxtober is one of our favorite times of the year at Roblox. Not only is it fun to see so many gamers get into the Halloween spirit, but it’s also a unique opportunity for a lucky group of creators from around the world bring the creative vision and spookiest ideas to life. Each year, we select a team of young and talented developers from the community to build a brand-new game just for this special holiday. Together, they designed an imaginative adventure filled with chills, thrills, and—you guessed it—tricks and treats galore. We can’t wait for everyone to experience and share their favorite moments from Hallow’s Eve: A Tale of Lost Souls!

Roblox Hallows Eve Hero Screenshot

But that’s not all—there’s even more fun games (and prizes!) to get your scare on during the Hallow’s Eve event. Roblox developers Berezaa and Aqualotl have transformed their games, Azure Mines and Blox Hunt respectively, into a Halloween playground featuring all-new missions. Complete them, and you’ll earn some awesome virtual prizes to dress up your avatar just in time for Halloween!

Want to know the best part? All these games are totally free and they’re a blast to enjoy with kids of all ages! Roblox’s Hallow’s Eve event is now available on Xbox One, so scare up some fun with your friends today! Have a happy Halloween, Robloxians!