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Gigantic’s Season of Souls Update is Now Live on Xbox One and Windows 10

Greetings, Heroes!

October brings with it one of Gigantic’s most exciting updates yet. Season of Souls packs some awesome new content, including a spooky new hero, profile icons, and our first-ever addition to the map rotation, Ember Grove.

New to Gigantic? No problem! Download for free on the Windows Store or Xbox Store and party up with your friends, even if they’re on a different platform than you! Come discover why Gigantic is a 2017 Golden Joystick Awards nominee for Xbox Game of the Year!

Find the playstyle that fits you with a roster of extremely diverse heroes. Enjoy freedom of movement in expansive and intricate arenas that mix up the action. Use teamwork to power up and fight alongside your Guardian to take down the enemy Guardian, securing your victory!

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Here are some of the awesome things Season of Souls brings to Gigantic:

New Map – Ember Grove

Ember Grove is the first addition to Gigantic’s map rotation, and offers a dark, but vibrant battleground full of verticality. The map is tight and reserved; the mysterious and mossy woods transition into a brighter, thunder dome in the center via two small openings.

Structurally, Ember Grove features tighter, busier spaces with lots of cover. There are also many paths to traverse connecting the contested spawn points. The central thunder dome provides little cover and requires your team to employ different strategies.

Gigantic Screenshot

Ezren Ghal

Ezren Ghal has pursued his own research into soul magic, the power of death and “the other side.” He is always seeking more efficient and powerful sways of utilizing soul energy. In these efforts, he has always found interest in Aisling’s sword – housing her father’s spirit, Sir Cador. Ezren Ghal sees conflicts between houses as an opportunity to experiment with his powers and techniques; each battle is a “harvest” where he can rip out his enemies’ souls.

With his insatiable lantern, Ezren Ghal has spent many lifetimes gathering the knowledge – and the souls – that sustain him. Maybe one day the lantern will reveal its true nature.

Gigantic Screenshot

Text Chat – Hero Select Screen

You asked, we delivered! Season of Souls introduces text chat at the airship hero confirmation screen! Chat with your team and ensure your strategy is sound before you hit “Confirm”!

Profile Icons

In addition to awesome content, Season of Souls introduces profile icons to the game! We’re very excited to grant Founder’s Pack Icons to all our players who purchased the Founders Packs back before Gigantic officially launched – thank you for your support! Customize your profile icon and show off your own unique style!

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Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you on the airship!