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Free-to-Play Action MMO Skyforge Coming to Xbox One in November

Welcome, Recruits!

I’m thrilled to give you the opportunity to become part of an elite group of immortals and discover what it means to fight ‘till the very end, again, and again (and again)!

In Skyforge, our free-to-play action MMO, you become one of the chosen and receive the gift of immortality, tasked with the protection of your home planet of Aelion that’s under constant threat from invading alien forces. Previously, the planet used to be under the protection of our great guardian god, Aeli, who built a protective structure around the planet. He kept an ever-watchful eye on the mortal citizens of the planet and whenever the invaders reared their head, would descend where he was most direly needed.

Of course, things would not get interesting if Aeli did not mysteriously disappear one day. This is where you step in and receive the gift of immortality from Aeli. Now it’s your time to watch over your gorgeous but scarred homeworld. Aelion is littered with ancient alien technology and powerful magic from countless repelled invasions of the past that creates a unique look of the world. A mix of sci-fi, high fantasy with a hint of familiar ancient civilizations acts as the backdrop for your adventures. Before your watch begins,  you will of course need to create a unique looking character, to stand out as the  protector of  the citizens of Aelion and gather followers to grow your godly might.

Action and Classes

You can look forward to unlocking 15 wildly different classes and switching between them at will and at any time your heart desires. If the fight calls for a chainsword wielding Berserker, become one; if your friends need an Alchemist to buff them, become one. We’ll have 14 classes available during Early Access and the latest released and exciting Revenant class will soon follow and complete the roster on release. Skyforge offers action and role playing elements and will keep you hooked for hours upon hours with a universe filled with exciting story missions, adrenaline pumping player versus player action and challenging raids to beat with your friends.

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Combat is not a static affair either; dodge attacks and shoot or hack the weapon out of the claws of your enemies and use it against them. Your enemies will know and fear your name in no time!

Immortal Gifts

We’re also happy to announce that there are more gifts to help you protect Aelion and look great while doing it. Pre-order one of the Founder Packs  prior to the start of Early Access on November 10, and you will receive the exclusive Xbox Pre-order Bonus Pack. Putting on the unique color variation of the Biohazard suit and booting up your Cubie companion will make you feel right at home, and will show your fellow Immortals that you are the true defender of Aelin.

You can find all packs on the Skyforge Xbox Store page.

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We can’t wait for you to stand next to us in battle, fighting together against the invading hordes in November! See you all on the planet’s surface and remember; we are the first, and only, line of defense!