Digerati “Made in USSR” Bundle Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Digerati “Made in USSR” Bundle 
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Game Description: The Digerati “Made in USSR” Bundle includes Dreambreak and #KILLALLZOMBIES.

Dreambreak is an adventure set in an alternative post cold war USSR. A quirky and unique mix of clashing gameplay genres. Get fingered for murder in Soviet Russia without actually going there! 

#KILLALLZOMBIES thrusts civilians into a survival arena where a ravenous zombie horde is unleashed to kill in the name of entertainment. #KILLALLZOMBIES is an isometric arena style twin stick shooter with integrated streaming interactions.

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Product Info:
Developer: Aist / Beatshapers
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Website: DreamBreak / #KILLALLZOMBIES
Twitter: @aist_games / @Beatshapers / @DigeratiDM