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Stay Up-to-Date with the New Xbox Insider Blog

Hello, Xbox Insiders, and welcome to the brand-new Xbox Insider Blog! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends from Xbox Wire to make sure all Xbox Insider-related news is in one convenient location. Moving forward, you can look to the Xbox Insider Blog for the definitive word on what’s new with the Xbox Insider Program.

While we have a lot of exciting content planned for the future, we’d like to take this first post to celebrate how the program has grown and continues to grow in 2017. We’ll also provide some helpful links for those of you who want to learn even more about what it means to be an Xbox Insider.

It’s Easier than Ever to Get Started as an Xbox Insider

Back in August, we announced some big updates on the Wire. You can read all about them here, but for some quick highlights:

  1. We’ve defined how Insiders are selected for our Xbox One Preview Update rings. This means it’s clearer than ever how to gain access to the newest system updates, how many updates you can expect per month and what you need to do to gain access to the next ring.
  2. Switch between any of the Xbox One Preview Update rings you’ve unlocked faster than ever before. Whether you’re moving from Alpha to Omega or vice versa, you can now easily enroll in any of the System Update rings available to you in the Xbox Insider Hub. This gives you more control over the number of updates you’re receiving and how quickly you’re gaining access to brand new Xbox features. Not only is this process easier and more flexible than ever before, but since August, we’ve introduced an update that makes changes to your enrollment status nearly instantaneous.System Update Ring Selection
  3. Provide feedback on 1st and 3rd party games as an Xbox Insider. We’ve partnered with a variety of game studios to bring you even more exclusive content. With our playtests, Xbox Insiders are now able to test out unreleased games and the latest game updates on Xbox One consoles and PC.

Xbox Insider Hub Comes to PC

Xbox Insider Hub in Store

With all the exciting new changes we’ve made to our program, you may have missed that the Xbox Insider Hub app is now on PC. Download the Xbox Insider Hub from the Windows Store today and check out content available only on PC.

Once you’ve had the chance to try out the PC version of the Xbox Insider Hub, make sure to complete the “Xbox Insiders on PC” survey – not only will you be providing us with valuable feedback, but you’ll also be grabbing an additional 10XP!

Want to Know More?

Interested in learning more about the Xbox Insider Program or have a question that needs answering? Take a peek at our “Xbox Insider Program FAQ” or reach out on Twitter, Reddit or the Xbox Forums.