SMITE Shadows Over Hercopolis Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: SMITE Shadows Over Hercopolis
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Game Description: Hercules has been kidnapped! Track the villainous Loki through frigid Niflheim and fiery Muspelheim to his hidden dungeon in Helheim. You’ll face dangerous beasts, diabolical traps, and epic bosses before facing the Trickster God himself. Get this great bundle and you’ll get the Thief Loki Skin immediately! You’ll also have access to more areas of the city of Hercopolis including the Treasury, Church, and Castle. You’ll even get more awesome Adventure-themed bounty, including an Avatar, Loading Screen Skin, and Music Theme. Plus you’ll get a Gold Key to unlock Cursed King Cernunnos!

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Product Info:
Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Website: SMITE
Twitter: @SmiteGame