Video For No Mittens Needed: Snowfall Arrives in Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition

No Mittens Needed: Snowfall Arrives in Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition

Hello again, mayors. It’s the Cities: Skylines team here, and we’re delighted to share the first expansion from our Season Pass with you: Snowfall. It brings along a new look, new challenges, and new features for your favorite urban planning game. In Snowfall, a set of new Winter-themed maps allow you to play in new landscapes which are perpetually going through a cold season, and you’ll need to manage your city properly to keep the roads clear, the homes heated, and the trams running!

Cities Skylines Snowfall Screenshot

Some cool news to warm your heart, first, before we go into more details: weather or not you decide to pick up Snowfall, today’s release means we’re adding weather effects to your game, completely free. If you’ve ever wanted to see your city shimmering in the rain or lost in fog, that’s being added to your copy of Cities: Skylines in a free patch today! We at Paradox always want to make sure that when we build on a game, that there’s new things to try for all of our fans, regardless of whether they pick up a particular expansion.

Cities Skylines Snowfall Screenshot

With Snowfall, meanwhile, we’re adding one of our most-requested forms of transit: the streetcar! You can build special roads with tram tracks in the center, and send your residents across town in classic style and smooth efficiency. Tram tracks will need to be built before you can set up stops and routes, so plan ahead!

Cities Skylines Snowfall Screenshot

Speaking of watching the roads, the Winter maps are prone to getting a little bit buried from time to time. That fresh powder is pretty, but it’s tough to drive in, so you’ll want to build a snowplow depot near your busiest routes. The department of public works will be sure to clear a path for your chilly commuters – but when those residents get home during those winter nights, they’re going to need to stay warm. You may wish to invest in some hot water-based heating pipes, or else watch out when the whole town cranks up their electrical heating and starts spiking your power grid!

If you pick up the Season Pass or the Premium Edition today, you’re all set for Snowfall, plus six more pieces of DLC coming in the near future. If you prefer to just check out this new expansion on its own, of course, we do hope you like what you see. Bundle up, settle in, and let’s see some winter wonderlands out there!