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Dovetail Games Euro Fishing’s Le Lac d’Or Available Now on Xbox One

A picturesque lake nestled in the middle of the French countryside, log cabins, picnic areas and swims for multiple people to fish at one time. Sounds good, right?

These are just some of the features you will find in the new Euro Fishing add-on lake: Le Lac d’Or (The Golden Lake).

Set in the French countryside, this 25-acre lake contains over 700 fish ranging from small Roach right up to a monstrous 126lb Catfish that will be guaranteed to put up a fight. For the first time, Ghost Carp are not exclusive to boss fish and they are all joined by the brand-new Koi Carp, of which you will find several stunning examples in this lake.

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Get together with friends to fish on one of the three log cabin swims located at the lake or fish solo from any of the swims if you prefer some peace and quiet.

Take on the lake by tackling the 10 new achievements from catching a Koi Boss fish (Koi Blimey) and landing 25 fish weighing over 50lb (Heavy Haul) to catching one of each species in Le Lac d’Or (Full House) to fully master the venue.

If this is the lake for you, then hen grab your copy of Le Lac d’Or today and start your French fishing journey in this new add-on for Euro Fishing.