Wizard of Legend Small Image

Become the Wizard of Legend on Xbox One in Early 2018

Wizard of Legend combines randomly generated dungeon crawling with blazing quick, spell-slinging combos of 100+ dazzling spells at your fingertips, playable solo or with a friend in couch co-op mode.

Combat is a wonderful blend of the developers’ inspiration Devil May Cry-style action and Street Fighter combos. There’s no slow-down for incantations; players must master chaining spells together to defeat an onslaught of enemies while quickly dashing to avoid incoming attacks. The use of dashing and protection spells are also key in allowing you to control the pace and spacing of combat.

Throughout the Chaos Trials, you will find or be able to buy extra spell cards, called Arcana, along with unique relics to enhance your spells and stats. Even after death, players will retain some of these items in their inventory, to power up their wizards to advance further in the trials.

The dev team of Contingent99 and we at Humble Bundle are so excited to bring you the action-intense magic of Wizard of Legend early next year to Xbox One. For now, enjoy our action-packed trailer above and have a happy holiday!